City Council Resolutions and Mayor's Regulations

Resolutions passed by the City Council in Radom

On 21st May 2007, the City Council passed a resolution on granting de minimis aid in the form of real property tax exemption for entrepreneurs investing in Radom and creating new jobs. This resolution shall apply for a specific period – till 31st December 2011.The maximum amount of the de minimis aid is EUR 200,000. The exemption period varies depending on the number of jobs created from one year to five years. Additionally, an investor applying for the de minimis aid needs to meet the following conditions:

  • report their intention to use the aid on an appropriate form,
  • timely pay taxes to the Commune,
  • produce reports on the aid received.

On 30th March 2009, the City Council passed a resolution on exemption from real property tax and transport vehicle tax which constitutes a local investment aid.

A Regulation by the Mayor of Radom no. 1897/2009 of 26th March 2009 on establishing minimum lease rent rates for real properties in particular city areas designated for investment purposes and establishing compensation levels for non-contractual use of real property owned by the City of Radom Commune and by the municipal county of Radom.