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Deadline extended!
We have extended our open Mural Contest submission deadline to January 15th 2016, which is to commemorate the next year 40th anniversary of the events of June ’76 in Radom. Radosław Witkowski, Mayor of the City of Radom, signed a relevant decree on the matter.
Both individual artists and groups of artists can take part in it. There are no limitations regarding the place of residence, nationality.
The events of June’76 in Radom is an extremely important part of the identity of our city. The aim of the contest is showing historical memory in a modern way, spectacularly, in an understandable way also for the young recipient. We have extended our Mural Contest submission deadline to January, 15th 2016, to give the chance for environmental student assembly. The academic year is starting, all students who may have not received information about the contest, they return to the university and they will have a chance to read the rules of the competition and submit their project - said the president Radosław Witkowski.
The aim of the contest is to select the best design for a mural which will later be painted on a residential building at the place where in June 1976 the seminal moments in Radom and Polish history took place. Speaking about the block on Żeromski Street. Right next to the building there is a memorial - a plaque commemorating the June's protests.
The city authorities invited to the jury Mr.Edward Dwurnik, one of the most important contemporary Polish artists, the main “chronicler of Polish rebellions”. - We believe that the above ideas and values of Radom June ’76 will find expression in the submitted works and that the contest designs will capture the spirit of those days. We also hope that a mural which is an attractive form of expression will attract attention of young people and will be an important image recalling the historic events. In addition to these celebrations which are organized every year we want to join with the modern narrative in modern form - said Radosław Witkowski, Mayor of the City of Radom.
The author of the winning design will receive the prize of PLN 5 000, and the materials and equipment necessary to do Mural.
The motto which determines the theme of the competition – It started in June – reminds of a significant aspect of the Radom riots. It reminds that what happened in August 1980 actually had its roots in June ’76. The protest of Radom workers was brutally quelled and repressions lasted for a long time but the sufferings and injustice to the persecuted Radom dwellers were not its only results. Injustice and the brutality of the communist regime brought about solidarity of the people. After the June events in Radom something new and important happened – for the first time the Polish intelligentsia showed a large-scale solidarity with protesting workers. Later they were the people who built free Poland.
June’76 meant the end of the communist policy of dividing society into mutually hostile classes and failure of manipulation with the truth about the real life of the majority of Poles. Solidarity which on the coast started to sprout after December ’70, blossomed in Radom and in August ’80 bore the fruit.
The inhabitants of Radom can and should be proud not only because of the price they paid for the rebellion against the dictatorship. They also can and should be proud that their protests changed the Polish society and Polish history. August 1980 would not be possible without that June ’76.
Location of the mural: side wall (or two walls, rectangular in shape) of a 10-storey block of flats at 74 Żeromskiego Street in Radom having the total area of ca. 300 m2. Next to the building there is a monument – memorial stone commemorating the protest of June ’76.
The contest details can be found on Radom website: