Parking zone

On 22 and 23 August 2015, from the  roundabout Matki Bożej Fatimskiej to the roundabout Popiełuszko will be excluded from the movement of cars and trucks. It will be allowed to move only public transport, vehicles of persons with disabilities (MZDiK Radom) and other authorized vehicles.

Closedstreets in these days: Poranna (along the site of a military unit), Ogrodnicza (from the Wojska Polskiego Avenue to the Reymonta St.), Reymonta (from the Ogrodnicza St. a Skaryszewska St.), Odrodzenia (from Litewska the Wojska Polskiego Avenue) and Skaryszewska (from the Słowackiego St. to the border town).

For security reasonswhole Skaryszewska St. parking will be banned. On the section of the Odrodzenia St.  to the Długojowskiej St. will be introduced one-way traffic (toward the street Długojowskiej).

In connection withthe closing of Wojska Polskiego Avenue will be designated for transit traffic detours (national road No. 9 and 12). They will be routed through the center of Radom. Detour route will be marked with yellow plates.


  • 1A -  Małęczyńska St., Wrocławska St. and Chorzowska St.  (about  1500 places);
  • 1B – area the Agricultural Exchange in Radom on Lubelska street (about 500 places);
  • 1C – privte areas in Sadków, on the north side of the airport (about 1300 places);
  • 1D – private areas between the streets Ogrodnicza and Odrodzenia – entrance from the street Ogrodnicza (about 500 places);
  • 2A –areas of University of Technology and Humanitiesa, Chrobrego Street (about 800 places);
  • 2B – Mierzejewskiego Street and surrounding areas (about 700 places);
  • 3A -  Zubrzyckiego St. and  Rodziny Ziętalów St. (about 1000 places);
  • 3B – (private area) at the intersection of the street Zwolińskiego and Wojska Polskiego Avenue
  • 4A – Bulwarowa St. and surrounding areas (about 500 places);
  • 4B – Maratońska St. (from the  Bulwarowa St. to Dębowa St.) (about 500 places);
  • 5A – John Paul II St. the area of Dmowskiego roundabout  to Młodzianowska St. (about 200 places);
  • 5B -  areas of Housing Association Ustronie,  on Wyścigowa St. (about 500 places)
  • 5C – areas between  Grzecznarowskiego Avenue, Biała and  Świerkowa St. (about 200 places);
  • 5D – area of  Shopping Center  M1 on  Grzecznarowskiego Avenue (about 700 places);
  • 5E – area of Gallery Feniks at the intersection of Grzecznarowskiego Avenue and Biała St.(about 350 places);
  • 5F –  private areas at the intersection of Słowackiego and Wojska Polskiego Avenue (about 400 places);
  • 6A    (only on Sudany, August 23, 2015) area of Company Korej (between Wernera St. and Potok Północny, about  500 places;

  • COACH PARKING  -  only at 1B i 2A  location. 
  • DISABLED PARKING – on Lubelska St. (location 1B)
  • BIKE ZONE (free zone) on Lubelska St. behind (about 150 places).
  • MOTORCYCLE ZONE(paid zone) between Wojska Polskiego Avenue and Lotnicza St. (about 300 places)



  • car  - 20 zł / day
  • microbus- 70 zł / day
  • bus- 100 zł / day
  • motorcycle- 10 zł / dat

PARK & RIDE  - If you have parking ticket, you can travel by public transport for free.

From the parking zones 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D (located near the airport) getting to the airport will be possible only on foot!

Access from other zones by public buses lines: P1, P2, P3, P4, P5, P6, 1, 5, 11, 14, 17, 21 (free rides in urban zones based on a parking ticket)

Municipal parking zones  1A, 2A, 2B, 3A, 4A, 4B, 5A, 5B, 5C, 6A  will be supported by employees of the Departament of Municipal Services in Radom and associations SWAT Warsaw. Private parking zones 1B,1C,1D,3B,5D,5E,5F will be supported by owners of those areas.

Access Roads to parking areas will be marked with plaques with the symbol of the parking lot and sign AIR SHOW.

To facilitate directing traffic at intersections by police and city guards, all guests are invited to put behind the front windows of cars  the  white paper A-4